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Spring Clean your Mind, Body and Soul

Hello Spring!

The season of new beginnings is here. As the seasons change, let's do some mental spring cleaning. Pack up that self-doubt. Kick fear to the curb. It is time for a fresh start!

Meditation will help you let go of all the mental clutter and focus on what really matters. Focus on growing, breathe the fresh air, fill your soul with sunshine and let nature heal you. Focus on self-care and self-love. Grow mentally. Focus on your mental and physical health. Set goals, make plans and define your purpose. Stay hydrated and active. Distance yourself from all the negativity surrounding you. Create healthy boundaries and a self-care routine. 

Your mind is a garden that is often unattended during the winter months. Now is the time to plant the seeds of habit and routine that will grow into your pathways to success in the upcoming months. Spring is the season of clearing and committing your mind. Right now is the perfect opportunity to heal yourself and jumpstart your life. Make springtime your time for growth and success.

Take a step back from your busy routine. Observe your thoughts and feelings as they unfold. How is your thought life right now? Are you clear and focused? Is your mind flourishing on positivity? Are you mentally rested and refreshed for a new season of growth? What about your mindset? How is your attitude?

Maybe you have forgotten about the goals, resolutions and intentions you set at midnight on January 1st. Perhaps the last few months have you feeling defeated or you have given up completely on this being your best year so far.

It is time to spring clean your mind and jumpstart your life!

The seasons are changing and all of life in a time of transition. But are you?

Just like spring cleaning in your physical life benefits you in the months ahead, spring cleaning your mind produces similar results in your mental life. Take a step towards planning and allowing unprecedented growth in your life this spring and beyond.

1. Organise your ideas and your dreams.

Write down and capture your ideas for the future. Take them seriously. Make a plan of action and commit to it. Read it daily! Your ideas and dreams are your vision for a happy, fulfilled life.

2. Check up on your fears and excuses.

We all have fears that we may have not even identified or even admitted to ourselves. It is time to reflect. What are your fears? What are your most commonly used excuses? You need to identify them so you can overcome them. This will make you grow as a person and feel accomplished.

3. Let go of negative thoughts that are holding you back.

Are you constantly overthinking, replaying negative thoughts in your mind? You need to replace those thoughts with positive ones once they come along, instead of feeding them. 

4. Be optimistic and hopeful in your mind by setting your mental attitude to positive.

You can achieve your goals and dreams if you believe that you can! Be optimistic. Stick to your plans and think positive while taking steps towards achieving them.

5. Changed the habits and routines you adopted over the last year or season.

Now is the time to recommit. Start eating healthier, get enough sleep, get out in the sun, focus your time and energy, create a weekly self-care plan, start saving for financial freedom...

Forming a new habit takes at least 21 days. 

6. Practice positive self-talk 

Compassionately reinforce that you are capable and amazing and that you can achieve every single goal and dream of yours. It is time to stop feeding yourself with all the negative self-talk. Adopt a new mantra and speak positive affirmations for success to yourself to reinforce your positive thinking. Create a list of all your accomplishments so far and revisit it frequently to remind yourself that you are capable of everything. Love yourself!

Extra tips for your mental spring cleaning: 

  • consider strategies of taking care of your mind, write down your thoughts and feelings and the impact that these concerns are having on your life at the moment
  • create a support network and ask for help from trusted people in your life or a make an appointment with a professional
  • commit to good nutrition, hydrate yourself regularly, exercise
  • Some areas to consider when thinking of your own self-care and creating a routine that works for you are: eating habits, exercise, interests, social activities, relaxation, alone time, and moments of reflection. In fact, the list of self-care areas to consider can be endless, and it can be helpful to consider your own self-care needs and how to boost your own wellness routine
  • meditate to cleanse the mind of all thoughts
  • build a morning routine that calms you and inspires you to start the day off right
  • stick to a sleep schedule that allows you to rest and feel refreshed and energised for the following day
  • try a social media detox to distance yourself from negativity
  • try sticking to journaling to gather all your thoughts. Journalling is a very valuable personal growth technique to help you evaluate how you might be feeling in your current season of life and what you might like to work on next. It allows you to self-reflect and measure your growth
  • re-evaluate your new year resolutions that may have fallen away and get excited about trying again

Have an incredible season of growth and enjoy the freedom and lightness that comes from spring cleaning your mind.

- The Mountain Tea Team



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